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Public Comment Needed: Speak Out Against this $505 Million Dollar Prison!

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) is one step closer to building a massive $505 million federal prison in Eastern Kentucky, but we have one last shot to shut this down. We need your voice now more than ever to end the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Letcher in its tracks.

Following the initial Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) — a report that explains how a project might affect the environment, including plants, animals, and people — the public now has until April 15 to submit comments on the project.

By law, the FBOP must address and consider every single statement to complete the final impact statement.

We need you, your family, friends, and neighbors — everyone — to speak out against the horrors of this proposed new mega-prison that will: 

  • Cost the American people more than $505 million in taxpayer funds. 
  • Incentivize the jailing of even more people — the majority of which will be Black and Brown people.
  • Require the destruction of 202 acres of nature — including 200 acres of pristine forest and 2 acres of ecologically vital wetlands/

This new facility is a financial, environmental, and societal disaster and we cannot let plans carry on unchallenged. 

This may be the last time to speak out against this disastrous project, so let’s make our opposition clear and loud! Submit your comment BEFORE April 15.

Check out this handy toolkit for examples and tips on how to craft your public comment.

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