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Tell President Biden: Allow D.C. to Self-govern & Veto Overturning RCCA

Despite President Biden promising to reduce mass incarceration during his campaign, he has agreed to sign a bill overturning the District of Columbia's Revised Criminal Code Act (RCCA), contradicting this pledge and undermining DC’s home rule.

D.C.’s current criminal code was created in 1901 and the RCCA would bring this outdated law in line with national standards. The RCCA would unquestionably make DC safer.The people of the District of Columbia overwhelmingly support it, and we urge President Biden to listen to their voices.

Every one of us should support democracy, home-rule, and the people of the District of Columbia by defending the RCCA, starting with President Biden. Take action now!

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    Dear President Biden, 

    I am deeply concerned about your recent decision to sign the Disapproval Resolution S.J. Res.12, which rescinds the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022 (RCCA). I believe this decision goes against your campaign promise to reduce incarceration and invest in communities as a way to prevent crime and make our communities safer.

    The RCCA is a thoughtfully crafted code that aligns with our values of democracy and home-rule. It is overwhelmingly supported by the people of DC and would have updated the criminal code, making DC safer with most of the adjusted sentence lengths being evidence-based and widely supported by DC residents.

    We need a justice system that is evidence-based, prioritizes rehabilitation and fairness over punishment, and addresses the root causes of crime. Long sentences and tough penalties are inefficient and counterproductive ways to reduce crime and waste valuable resources that could be better spent on more effective interventions.

    I urge you to veto the Disapproval Resolution S.J. Res.12 and support an evidence-based approach to criminal justice reform. We must stand together and demand a justice system that is just, fair, and prioritizes rehabilitation over punishment.