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Demand Dignity for Incarcerated Women

Tell your elected officials to improve the condition of confinement for incarcerated women in federal and state prisons across the country!

No imprisoned woman should be neglected or deprived of basic dignity. Across the country, women are placed in solitary confinement during pregnancy, shackled during childbirth, and forced to serve sentences thousands of miles away from their children.

Join us in demanding dignity for incarcerated women!

Demand Dignity for Incarcerated Women

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    The number of imprisoned women has grown by 700% over the last 30 years. Federal and state prison systems are not equipped to address the needs of this population.

    I urge you to pass legislation to ensure that incarcerated women in your jurisdiction:

    • Are no longer forced to give birth in shackles, endangering both themselves and their children.
    • Are provided with free and adequate supplies of feminine hygiene products, no longer forcing them to purchase items at exorbitant cost or go without.
    • Are not subject to invasive strip searches or harmful interactions with male corrections personnel.
    • Serve sentences in facilities that are in close proximity to visiting family, allowing mothers to maintain relationships with their children. 

    Thank you for protecting the fundamental rights and dignity of all women behind bars!