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Advocate for Justice & Sustainability in the Climate Corps!

In September 2023, the Biden Administration announced the American Climate Corps, an eagerly awaited initiative to train and deploy over 20,000 individuals in clean energy, conservation, and climate mitigation projects. This initiative holds the promise of being a landmark program that could employ members of the country’s most vulnerable populations: those impacted by both climate change and the justice system.

Criminal and climate injustices often go hand-in-hand. Areas subject to over-policing and harsh sentencing laws due to systemic racism typically face excessive exposure to toxic emissions. Prison facilities often have harsh working conditions, such as heat waves, that go unnoticed. But it goes even a step further with long-term studies showing a link between poor air quality and a rise in violent crimes. It's essential to disrupt the “pollution to prison pipeline” and provide people entangled in the criminal legal system with stable jobs that improve their local environments and benefit their communities and the planet.

Join us in molding the Climate Corps into a transformative program that paves the way for equitable, sustainable, and high-quality job opportunities for some of America’s most at-risk.

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    We stand at a pivotal juncture in our fight against climate change and social inequality. The inception of the American Climate Corps offers an unprecedented opportunity to not just respond to these challenges but to reshape the future for the better. We have the chance to build something extraordinary – a program that not only tackles environmental issues but also heals and empowers our most vulnerable communities. However, to truly realize this vision, we propose the following key enhancements to the program:

    1. Prioritize Justice System Impacts: Let’s use the Climate Corps as a transformative platform for those impacted by the justice system. This goes beyond aiding the formerly incarcerated; it's about offering a hand of hope and opportunity to all those touched by the harsh realities of our justice system, making this initiative a beacon of second chances and renewed possibilities.
    2. Focus on Hard-Hit Communities: We must center our efforts on areas most devastated by climate change. By recruiting individuals directly from these communities, we not only bring solutions home but also empower these areas to become active participants in their rejuvenation. This is about making real, palpable differences where it matters most.
    3. Equip Participants for Lifelong Success: The Climate Corps should be more than a program; it should be a launchpad to a brighter future. By providing a livable wage, childcare support, and post-program career pathways, we are not just aiding for the moment but nurturing a skilled workforce ready to lead the charge in the burgeoning climate sector. This is an investment in the future of our participants and our planet.

    The 19th-century workplace was intricately designed to cater to the needs and expectations of a predominantly white male workforce. However, as we step into the 21st century, the landscape of the workplace has evolved dramatically. The traditional structures and norms fail to accommodate the diversity, flexibility, and inclusivity demanded by the contemporary workforce. To foster a truly inclusive and dynamic Climate Corps, it is imperative to reimagine the workplace environment. Embracing collaborative and flexible spaces, promoting diversity and equality, and incorporating technology to enhance efficiency are crucial in meeting the demands of this generation. 

    We urge you to embrace these recommendations and join us in this exhilarating endeavor to make the American Climate Corps a true agent of change.