Assembly Bill 1196 will prohibit California law enforcement officers from using chokeholds and carotid artery restraints like the one that killed George Floyd. 

In recent weeks, it has become clear that these risky restraint methods unnecessarily put people’s lives at risk and should be banned.

AB1196 would immediately improve public safety and help restore public confidence in California law enforcement. Governor Newsom is ready to sign this bill into law, but we need you to bring California lawmakers to the table. Can you sign this petition to tell California lawmakers we need an end on chokeholds and carotid artery restraints now? 

Police Departments in San Diego, Los Angeles, and several major cities in California have already taken steps to prohibit their use. Statewide policies on neck restraints vary greatly, creating a lack of accountability for officers who use them and a lack of public safety across county lines. 

As we emerge from this challenging time together, we must work toward a system of criminal justice and policing that is better than ever before. A clear, uniform ban on the use of chokeholds is an important first step. Add your name if you agree.

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California lawmakers and governing body,

We need to make sure California bans the use of chokeholds and carotid artery restraints by law enforcement statewide. As recently as last year, we have seen examples of police using chokeholds on Californians that have resulted in death. In December 2019, David Glen Ward passed away after a Sonoma County Sheriff put him in a chokehold during a traffic altercation. David’s death was ruled a homicide and the deputy who placed Mr. Ward in restraint was fired. How many others went unreported? 

Here’s what AB1196 does:

  • Bans the use of chokeholds 
  • Bans the use of carotid artery restraints

"Every day that we fail to ban these dangerous and unnecessary holds is a day that we risk mourning the next George Floyd or losing the next Eric Garner to these perilous police practices. We cannot wait any longer. AB 1196 embraces the fierce urgency of now by including an urgency clause, requiring that this essential law go into effect immediately upon its signing.'  

'Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. warned us that silence is a form of betrayal. We must stand up now and take action to eliminate these dangerous and too-often deadly police chokeholds.” - Assemblymember Mike Gipson, Assembly District 64

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