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We, the Dream:


From grassroots mobilization and green initiatives to nurturing dream entrepreneurs and enabling frontline advocacy, your gift propels dreams into reality. Explore the opportunities below and journey with us as we champion dreams into collective action.


Share Dream.Org’s Message

Provide t-shirts, banners, clipboards, and support for community members advocating for change at local events.


Promote Green Infrastructure

Empower local leaders and organizations with the know-how to implement vital green infrastructure projects, fostering resilience against climate change.


Provide Training to Change the World

Help Dream.Org members develop skills in organizing & advocacy, storytelling, and communicating with decision makers.


Fuel Dreams with Job Skills Training

Equip BIPOC individuals and people impacted by the justice system with crucial job skills and the tools to thrive in the workforce.


Supercharge Dream Entrepreneurs

Provide a Dream Entrepreneurs Network Member vital technical assistance, capacity building, financial management, or grantwriting support in order to scale their business.


Drive Grassroots Demands for Change

Ensure local leaders know the latest digital tips and tricks to make their grassroots advocacy more wide-reaching and impactful.


Empower Formerly Incarcerated Leaders

Equip a leader from the Dream Justice Cohort with advocacy and leadership training, a laptop, and everything they need to lead reform campaigns.


Amplify Voices with Travel to Washington D.C.

Enable a community advocate to share their compelling story in Washington D.C., building empathy and driving transformative change at the national level.


Fund One Climate Career Pathways Scholarship

Propel emerging innovators – 90% of whom identify as Black, Brown, or system-impacted – with a scholarship for certificate and technical training programs of their choosing, creating a pipeline of talent for a diverse and green future.