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Urgent: Save 3,000 from Unjust Incarceration

Tell President Biden to commit to vetoing S.J. Res 47!

An unconscionable injustice is about to occur and we must act now to stop it! Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is leading a group of Senators in an effort to send 3,000 people, currently on home confinement, back to federal prison. Sen. Blackburn’s resolution — S.J. Res 47— will shatter lives by rolling back the CARES Act Home Confinement Program.

This wildly successful program has allowed over 13,000 individuals to transition from federal prison to home confinement, easing the strain on our already overcrowded and understaffed prisons and reducing costs by more than 45%. This resolution isn’t just cruel, it's unnecessary. In fact, those released on the CARES Act went on to commit another crime at a rate of 0.2% (compared to the federal prison’s normal recidivism rate of 43%).

If S.J. Res 47 passes, it will instantly dislodge the lives of these individuals — people who've thrived and succeeded at reentering society.

The CARES Act Home Confinement Program is a testament to what meaningful reform can achieve — lower costs for taxpayers, safer communities, and a chance for individuals to rebuild their lives. Time is of the essence! Make sure your voice is heard! Sign this petition now and tell President Biden to commit to vetoing S.J. Res 47 and preserve the successful CARES Act Home Confinement Program. Act now, spread the word, and let's protect 3,000 lives from being unjustly uprooted!

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    Dear President Biden,

    I strongly urge you to stand firm against the passage of S.J. Res 47, a resolution threatening to dismantle the crucial CARES Act Home Confinement Program. This program has proven to be a beacon of justice, cost-efficiency, and safety, paving a meaningful path for over 13,000 individuals to transition from incarceration to home confinement. The astonishingly low recidivism rate and substantial taxpayer savings underscore its monumental success.

    The impending Senate vote, which could happen as soon as November 7, could unjustly uproot the lives of these individuals, compelling them back into prison despite their proven reintegration into society. This is not a mere policy reversal; it's a stark injustice threatening to undo the hard-won progress toward a more humane and effective criminal justice system.

    I implore you to vociferously oppose S.J. Res 47 and uphold the Department of Justice's rule that fortifies the CARES Act Home Confinement Program, including issuing a statement that you will veto this resolution if it reaches your desk in advance of any Senate vote. Your decisive action in this crucial matter will not only protect 3,000 lives from unjust incarceration but also uphold the essence of justice, compassion, and fiscal responsibility that this program embodies.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this grave matter.