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Demand Justice for C.J. Rice

Sign this petition to free an innocent man from prison!

Thanks to an inept lawyer and a broken justice system, C.J. Rice has been sentenced to 30-60 years for a crime he did not - and could not - commit. Join us in calling on the Philadelphia District Attorney to correct this miscarriage of justice. 

One night in 2011, four people were tragically shot in Philadelphia, and a young man named C.J. Rice was identified as one of the shooters. Except there was one problem: C.J. himself had just been shot, leaving him incapable of walking by himself, let alone participating in an attempted murder. 

To be clear, C.J.’s injuries were not superficial. Here are the facts:

-Doctors made an eight-inch incision in his abdomen to remove the bullets from his body. 
-C.J. had over 25 staples in his abdomen, a fractured pelvis, and hospital-contracted pneumonia. Moving without assistance simply was not an option for him.  

And yet, his lawyer did not call on any hospital staff or medical expert, nor did they hire an independent crime scene investigator. 

That is why we are calling on you for help. Please join Dream.Org and thousands of other supporters and ask the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to do what is right and review C.J.’s case

Act Now #JusticeforCJRice

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    Dear District Attorney Larry Krasner, 

    C.J. Rice has spent 11 years behind bars for a crime he did not - and could not - commit. You have the power to stop this and review C.J.’s case.

    C.J. was sentenced to 30-60 years solely based on eyewitness testimony one week after being shot multiple times and unable to walk without assistance with a broken pelvis, staples in his abdomen, and pneumonia. 

    An innocent man is in prison because of the inequalities of our justice system. You can correct this injustice by reviewing his case today.